Blooming Good – Thank Goodness Spring is Here Again!


After a wet and dull winter spring is finally here.  Looking out of the window the world is starting to bloom.  Spring, the time of rebirth, renewal and growth.  Nature has its own plan – do you have a Business Plan that bears fruit?  Yes businesses go through seasons too.

Two Dynamic Business Facts:

1.      GDP is back to 2007 levels

2.      Scheduled an election by mid 2015 so the Government is pushing the economy

What can you do to ensure your business blooms?

Do not miss the opportunities that are now presenting themselves?

4 Quick Tips:

  1. Review and update your Business Plan
  2. Refresh your marketing materials to reflect your business today
  3. Join The Recommendation Generation – In 5 Easy Steps
  4. Seek Help – Look for external input (wood for trees syndrome)

The Recommendation Generation

The best business often comes from recommendations.  How do you encourage these priceless leads?

Pay attention to what you say and what is being said about your business both online and offline, such as LinkedIn.  This can influence purchase decisions and brand loyalty.  Proactive word of mouth strategy addresses all places that people chat.  Check what is going to work with your customers.  Then target this approach.

5 Easy Steps to Get More Recommendations

1) Networking

Harness the power of networking.  You’ll find great advice free on the web such as on the Andrea Nierenberg website  Plant your seeds in a new garden.  Commit to join and be active in a new networking group that can do your business good e.g.


2) Give something away

We all want something for nothing.  Always exceed expectations.  Add a little treat to the order e.g. a bunch of flowers for the wife of the man who collects his new car.

3) Play Nice

Remember to smile, wave and say thank you?  Find the positives in people.  Tell them that we notice it, rather than moaning about something that we have heard or observed.  People want to hear sincere compliments.

4) Set Goals

Have a clear strategy for your business, marketing and sales. Remember that every goal must meet four criteria, be:

1. Specific time frame (days, weeks or months)

2. Measurable (so you know when you’ve achieved it)

3. Realistic (so you don’t get frustrated and give up)

4.  Challenging (so you have a sense of accomplishment)

5) Seek Help – Blooming Marvellous

Learn when to outsource and take expert help and advice.  It’s often difficult to take time to work on your business.  An external viewpoint can provide you with a valuable insight and unbiased direction – helping you to see the wood from the trees!  Even nature needs a little help by way of weeding and feeding.

We’re here to help you bloom, initial consultations are often free.  Contact me Laurie Bernard at The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email to book your consultation.