You Gotta Have Motivation

To succeed you need motivation. Where does it come from?

Here are 10 thoughts from motivational guru Omar Periu:

1. Motivation means choosing to do what you’d rather not do, which is why unmotivated people never get anywhere.
2. Most people want to improve their situation but few take responsibility for motivating themselves to make changes.
3. People can always validate the decision to avoid unpleasant work. Example: “Today, I’ll get organized; tomorrow I’ll make cold calls.”
4. Motivation comes from managing your mind and your emotions. Fail at this and you’ll live a life of quiet desperation.
5. The most depressing and de-motivating sentences in the world usually begin with the phrase “Someday, I’ll…”
6. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, go someplace quiet and replace those thoughts with positive affirmations, prayer or meditation.
7. To get big results, ask yourself big questions. “Why do I want to be a millionaire?” is far more motivating than “How can I make a living?”
8. Don’t set goals that just excite you; set goals that scare you a little bit. That way they’ll strengthen your “motivation muscle.”
9. What holds people back is fear of failure, but if you don’t take action, you’ll fail by default, so what have you got to lose?
10. You can have whatever you want in life, but nobody is going to give it to you. Everything of value must be earned.

One of the privileges of working as a business mentor is motivating people to succeed. I remember a few years ago working with a great lady who we helped start a photography business. She’d previously been a project manager but had a passion and skill for photography. The business started and was growing steadily. The client was headhunted by a major international fashion brand for project management. A position she easily secured. She said it was largely due to us helping to rebuild her confidence and motivation.