A Great Way to Keep Departing Staff Happy

Do you know any organisations letting staff go? Some maybe considering starting their own businesses? Wouldn’t it be great if they can get some assistance including:

1. Short informative training session – to see if they want to consider starting their own business
2. Those who still want to pursue this option can then attend more detailed training sessions
3. Help with their business planning
4. Individual mentoring to those who take this route

We are experienced at providing help for people choosing this career path: through our own organisation and in conjunction with enterprise agencies. Gillette utilised a programme we helped deliver when they moved part of their operations to Poland.

Please can you let me know if you hear of any of these organisations at LB@THEBSP.CO.UK or call 07973 361 994. Thank you – appreciated.


Why you need to consider mentoring

Find the right person to help supercharge your business. Whether you’re eyeing a sales opportunities, need to improve your marketing return, want reassurance and motivation, hoping to advance your skills, or simply looking to broaden your network, you need to find someone who can help.

Wait for a the right mentor to come looking for you–and you’ll probably be waiting forever. Instead, you need to find the mentoring that will help you achieve your goals. Managed correctly, mentoring is a powerful and efficient tool driving you and your business forwards.

What mentoring can achieve for you:

(1) Find new ways to grow your business and profits

(2) Set clear and realistic development goals,

(3) Identify and build relationships with influential sponsors

(4) Give back and bring value to mentors and senior advisers

(5) Evaluate your progress in reaching your business goals

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