Make Your Business Blossom in 4 Easy Steps

DSC_0078aSpring has officially arrived. Looking out of the window some of the trees are starting to blossom. Your businesses goes through seasons too.

You care for your garden, plant the bulbs and seeds, weed and feed and after a dormant time it bursts into life. The better the planning, the care and the nourishment the more vibrant the growth. Just the same as your business!

What can you do to ensure your business blossoms?

Firstly 3 quick tips:

1. Review and update your Business and Marketing Plans
2. Play The Recommendation Game – 5 Easy Steps (see below)
3. Seek Help – Look for external input, from your “critical friend”

The Recommendation Game
The best business normally comes from recommendations. What are you going to do to encourage these priceless leads?
Pay attention to what is being said about your business both online and offline. Your proactive word of mouth strategy addresses all places that people chat. Check what is going to work with your customers. Then target this approach.
Research company, Milward Brown Precis, identified which sources convinced customers when making their purchase decisions:
51% – personal contacts
45% – price comparison web sites
33% – independent reviews/press
32% – online informal
31% – company websites
29% – company led
(Survey of 1,000 recipients)
What are the 4 Steps to influence your personal contacts?
1) Networking
Consider the power of networking. You’ll find great advice in Andrea Nierenberg books. Also resolve to join a new networking group. Plant your seeds in a new garden. Return to old networking groups to water those seeds too.

2) Be Pleasant
What cost a friendly smile, wave or thank you? Let us try to look for the positives in people. Tell them that we notice it, rather than moaning about something that we have heard or observed. People want to hear sincere compliments.
3) Set Goals
Have a clear strategy for your business, marketing and sales. Keep in mind that every goal must meet 4 criteria:
1. Specific time frame (days, weeks or months)
2. Measurable (so you know when you’ve achieved it)
3. Realistic (so you don’t get frustrated and give up)
4. Challenging (so you have a sense of accomplishment)
Then review regularly and reset.
4) Seek Help
Learn when to outsource and take expert help and advice. It’s often difficult to take time to work on your business. An external viewpoint can provide you with a valuable insight and unbiased direction- helping you to see the “wood from the trees, even if it is hidden with blossom”!
We’re here to help

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How Will You Achieve 3 Business Goals this Month?

  • More importantly who is going to make sure you achieve these goals? Our Group Mentoring Programme.

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    What does the programme offer: 5 Massive Business Growth Aids
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     Time out of your business to work on your business

    What’s the Investment?
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Laurie & Brad in a Group Mentoring Meeting

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