Is your future too valuable to risk?

Have you concerns over next month’s Brexit poll?  In or out?  Wouldn’t it be good if business was as energetic as Hokey Cokey dancers?  Many people are putting decisions on hold, fearing the worse.

So the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has said it!  We may suffer a recession.  Nobody likes uncertainty and the paralysis that seems to follow.

Businesses that stand still go backwards.  As the American’s say “be green and grow – if you’re ripe you rot”.  Those who plan, invest and develop during difficult financial times are stronger and come out of those times even stronger.  It’s proven, a fact.  Get ready now.

We’ve already seen casualties: BHS and Austin Reed.  Who’s next?  What are you doing to ensure it’s not you?  Now’s the time to review your strategy and implement your programme for profitable growth.  There will be winners and losers, of that I’m sure.  Where will your business be in 12/24 months’ time?  What’s your picture?

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