5 Great Tips to Achieve More Sales

People often think there is magic formula to make sales or you have to be born with the “gift”.  “More” is the magic word.  Here are 5 tips to help you to dispel those myths and achieve more sales:

  1. Believe:

The more you believe in your company, your product and yourself, the more you will sell.

  1. Value

The more value you provide to others, the more people will come to know, respect you and buy from you.

  1. Follow Up

The more you follow up, the more sales you will make.

  1. Study

The more you study and practise sales, the more you will know how to react to any sales situation.

  1. Marketing

The more marketing activity you do, the greater the interest in your products.  Sales is a function of marketing.  So without the marketing to back up your sales you are at a severe disadvantage.

Action Breeds Success

 What actions will you take today to build sales?  Who will challenge you, boost your confidence, review and develop your marketing providing more great tips?  We offer a “Critical Friend Mentoring Service” to provide just such a service, plus much more.


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How to Generate Great Ideas to Grow

59Could you do more to be profitable?  Where can you turn to for great ideas?

Well you could read more, such as the Harvard Business Review, that inspired this post.  But how often do you talk to your staff?  If you just turn to the “yes” people in your organisation you will only hear the current thinking.  So form an “Ideas Generator”.  This is a wide group, recruited from throughout your company.  Their remit is to meet and discuss ideas.  They’re not attending as representatives of their own departments.  They should be treated as a team of equals, regardless of their company status.

The Ideas Generator

The group should be directed to look forwards, not to reflect on the current or dwell on the past.  The ideas they generate should be rigorously and systematically discussed, debated and explored.  Then their ideas presented to the senior decision makers.

The Catalyst

For the best results, use an external, unbiased facilitator.  They should chair the meetings.  A service we are naturally, delighted to offer.

A Case in Point

A few years ago we were invited to a factory as sales were disappointing.  We talked to their staff.  The production manager soon came up some great sales and marketing ideas to drive the business forwards.


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