What do they say about you?

Do you know?  If not do some research.  Not sure how?  We can help you.  Have you recently looked at your endorsements on LinkedIn?  I did.  Here’s my Top Ten:

  1. Strategy, 191 endorsements, 10.5%
  2. Start-ups, 164 endorsements, 9.0%
  3. Entrepreneurship, 143 endorsements, 7.8%
  4. Business Planning, 140 endorsements, 7.7%
  5. Business Strategy, 125 endorsements, 6.8%
  6. Business Development, 108 endorsements, 5.9%
  7. Marketing Strategy, 78 endorsements, 4.3%
  8. Marketing, 76 endorsements, 4.2%
  9. Strategic Partnerships. 70 endorsements, 3.8%
  10. Training, 59 endorsements, 3.2%

Looking for help?

Need help with your strategy, planning, marketing or training, you know where to come.  1154 endorsements can’t be wrong.!

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Examples of how we have recently helped clients

Existing Business

It’s nearing the end of the 2016.  This business consultant and I had a discussion about what they have achieved this year and where they want to go in 2017.  Then developed the Action Plan to provide a challenging but achievable 2017 goal.

New Business Strategy

Yesterday I met up with 2 lovely ladies.  They are IT trainers now looking up to set-up their own training company.  These were the salient actions they now need to Consider:

  • Deciding the entity
  • Possibly registering the company
  • Register domain name and professional email addresses
  • Consider income requirements to help select “ideal customers”
  • Produce personal survival budgets, cash flow forecasts, basic business and marketing plan

untitled-shoot-2fbMarketing Required

This finance broker had a databases of target markets and needed to use it efficiently to generate business leads.  We designed a suite of direct mail letters, e-shots and brochures.

Can we help?

Let’s progress this initiative and make your 2017 a great year.  Contact Laurie on 07973 361 994 or email LB@theBSP.co.uk