Super 7 Brexit Business Boosting Tips

If you missed these tips over the last couple of weeks here they are all together.

1st Top Brexit Tip

If you are proactive you can win through Brexit.  See below my first Top Tip – more to follow:

  1. Replacing EU services: Look to supply the new infrastructure and services, for instance supply legal firms writing our new laws.

2nd Top Brexit Tip

Brexit, Shmexit.  Whatever you think, act now.  Your target is to win more business and increase profitability.  See below my second Top Tip – more to follow:

  1. EU businesses will find it more difficult to do business in the UK, from Accor to Yoplait. So, target EU suppliers, their customers and their supply chain.

Help’s Here

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3rd Top Brexit Tip

Here’s it is – more to follow:

  1. Develop your Brexit Mindset. Be positive.  Don’t listen to the doom merchants.  Picture your success.  What is it you want to achieve?  List it down, perhaps:
  • Security for your family: picture wonderful celebrations, graduations and setting them up in their lives
  • A comfortable retirement: see yourself sitting in your fabulous retirement home in the sun, admiring the view, cool drink in hand
  • Building an award-winning business: receiving your reward from your hero
  • A shiny new car: the Aston Martin gleaming on your drive

What do you want to achieve?  What will you picture?

Remember these 10 two letter words: “if it is to be it is up to me”!

Help’s Here

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Here’s How

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4th Top Brexit Tip: Change & Opportunities

So, we’ve just started the process and have you considered what has Brexit altered?

Think about what has changed, so far, for instance the weakening of Sterling.  This means your goods and services are more attractive overseas, so how can you deliver them into new markets?  Perhaps providing professional support online or training via Skype.

If you can welcome visitors from overseas, then target this market such as tourism or medical services.

Develop your attack strategy.  Plan what needs to be done to put it into action e.g. update your web site and social media.  Then as someone says “just do it!”

May We Assist?

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Here’s How

Talk to us about your very own tailored Brexit programme.  We have consultancy, workshops, training and mentoring available for you; “Targeted at Your Brexit Strategy for Success”.

5th Top Brexit Tip: Your People Make Your Business

Equip yourself and your staff to be the best they can be.  Look at the United Airlines debacle.  In a few minutes this airline may have destroyed itself.

People are the mainstay of most businesses.  Good people = good business.

If you have your Brexit Action Plan you can identify what needs to be done to ensure you are going to survive and thrive over the next few years and beyond.

Do you have the resources to deliver your Action Plan?

Are there any areas you need to upskill?  If so, can your staff deliver?  If not, here are the solutions:

  1. Train your staff e.g. in sales, customer service and marketing
  2. Employ staff with the necessary skills e.g. financial planning
  3. Engage consultants and freelancers

May We Assist?

Let us help you with Your Brexit Action Plan, assess your needs and identify your solutions?  Perhaps we can train your staff or provide the consultants.

6th Top Brexit Tip: If You Don’t have a Brexit Plan Yet?

OK so you need a Plan.  Does it seem daunting?  As the Americans say “by the yard it is hard and by the inch it is a cinch”.  Well, break your plan production into small chunks.  Get help, bring your team and/or business consultant together.

Take the 7 Steps to Successful Planning:

  1. Re-tune your strategies
  2. Shape new strategies that align to emerging realities
  3. Produce your Brexit Business Plan
  4. Gain your people’s buy-in to your business plan
  5. Agree ‘first-steps’, even more critical in these times of significant change
  6. Implement your Plan
  7. Set review dates

Plan Together

Let us help you with your Brexit Business Plan.  We can facilitate your meetings and even help write your plan.

7th Top Brexit Tip: Value Your Staff – Others Will!

You probably know, there is already a labour shortage.  This is partially due to Brexit uncertainty.  Some EU nationals have moved on and others are not coming to the UK.

So, what does this mean to you and your business?  Well in its simplest sense Reduced Resource = Increased Cost.  That means everything may increase in price.

Monitor the Financials

So, keep a handle on your costs and pricing:

  1. Check your financials regularly
  2. Hold a monthly review meeting
  3. Adjust your buying and pricing accordingly

How to Retain Staff without Breaking the Bank

Here are some ideas on how:

  1. Make them feel appreciated – even by just saying “Thank You”
  2. Build staff morale e.g. “Cake on Friday”
  3. Consult with staff, ask for their suggestions through our business sensing programme
  4. Use training:
    1. They feel valued
    2. Improves job satisfaction
    3. Builds the skills and profitability in your business

Plan Together

Let us help you with your Brexit Business Plan.  We can look at various aspects of your business.  By acting now, you can avoid future problems.


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