What Have You Done About Brexit?


What progress have you made since Article 50 was triggered just over 3 months ago? Do you know: How to Win at Brexit? Have you considered how to generate more sales as we approach Post-Brexit Britain? My suggested actions include:

1.    Produce and implement robust business, marketing & sales plans

2.     Increase spend on targeted marketing

3.     Look for new markets world-wide

4.     Not to ignore the home market, especially where we are putting in EU replacements

5.     Engage agents in new markets and the EU

6.     Generate leads

7.     Adopt a mentor

8.    Produce your own Brexit Action Plan

More importantly have you actioned anything yet? It is great being a spectator but you’ll achieve so much more as an active participant…

Brexit Business Audit

I’m offering you your own Brexit Action Plan from just £499.

Would you value a one-to-one up meeting?

If so, lets arrange it. Please contact me, Laurie Bernard from The Business Services Partnership: call/text 07973 361 994 or email LB@TheBSP.co.uk. Looking forward to hearing from you.