Will you tell me the hot issues facing you in business today?

Over the weekend, we met up with friends at several social occasions.  The conversation covered many topics from the TV show “Naked Attraction” (nobody admitted they saw all of it!) to the problems in business today. Without knowing the problem how you can work out the solution. What’s the plan?

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So here are some of the issues you might be facing.  Please copy and paste into an email me. Then forward it to me at: LB@TheBSP.co.uk; rank these (1 = low to 10 =high) and also let me have your own suggestions.

  1. Being paid on time and the impact on cash flow
  2. Staffing shortages
  3. Getting everything done e.g. time management
  4. “Sacking” poor customers
  5. Uncompetitive competitors going bust
  6. Winning profitable new business
  7. Ineffective marketing
  8. Loneliness: not having someone impartial to talk to
  9. Difficult planning ahead
  10. Being able to retire and having an exit strategy

What are yours? 

Please let me know by emailing Laurie Bernard at: LB@TheBSP.co.uk.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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