When did you last take 1 day out to work on your business?

What could you do to be more profitable?  Where can you turn to for great ideas?


Why not conduct a Business & Marketing Review, off site, perhaps at a hotel?  So, there are fewer distractions.  You should:

* Look at the past, present and future

* Identify the areas that need to be strengthened

* Produce an Action Plan that would be timed and budgeted

If time allows develop some materials to help; perhaps for: goals setting, time management, financial planning or marketing etc…

Naturally this is a service we offer clients.


If so, please contact Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email LB@theBSP.co.uk to discuss your tailored BSP Business Development Day.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

A recent client said of their Business Strategy Day:

“Dear Laurie, Thanks for your swift reply and valuable advice.  It was good to meet and run through basics.  Plenty of food for thought and action to follow.  I am meeting with the potential client tomorrow so perhaps we will meet the goals sooner than we have set out…  Going forward I will be happy to review the plan over Skype.”