To Grow Look at Your Past

rev smYour company has its own DNA.  Something special that makes customers buy from you. When a business starts this is often clearly defined.  You have a clear vision, know where are going, defined values.  Perhaps you talked to advisers, documented everything in your business plan.  But as the business grows things change, the market and the economy change…

I love history and know we can learn so much from it.  Look at your company’s history.  Note what:

  1. problems you solve
  2. are your values
  3. did not go well
  4. did go well
  5. has changed
  6. to do in the future

The goal of this exercise isn’t just to increase your understanding of your company; it’s to think about how your company can create value in new ways while staying true to its origins.

Business Review

This is can facilitated by undertaking a Business Review.  What better time of year to conduct your business check-up; 2018 looms.  Look back and plan forwards. Interested?  If so we can help you.  Contact Laurie Bernard at The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email; the experienced business reviewer.